Buñuelos Are Another Traditional Guatemalan Christmas Food

Buñuelos Traditional Guatemalan Christmas Food

Buñuelos are also a fried bread served with syrup. If you need it put plainly, buñuelos would be the Guatemalan equivalent of French toast.

This dessert will also set you back Q10/US$1.25 and at this pace we will be gaining about two to three pounds per week. Go hurry, hide the scale. 😉

By the way, although I have not mentioned it yet, every night as I write the daily entry I can hear the bombas (bombs) firecracker, the cohetes (firecrackers) being burnt, the church bells tolling, the canchinflines (whistle) firecracker and all kinds of unknown (to me) firecracker being burnt and creating a loud bang which I can hear as echoes through the far away streets. In additions to the smells and scents, the Christmas season in Guatemala has a soundtrack of its own.

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