Baby Jesus Inside the Nacimiento

Nacimiento de barro

On the December 8th, It was Carmen who said, “Baby Jesus was put in his spot within the Nacimiento after we came back from the Misa de Gallo…” in the comments of the entry about the Nacimiento Shrine Niche at Capilla de Belén. Well, I am glad to know that our fellow readers and visitors are eager to fill in all the details and ephemerides that I leave out (out of ignorance). Follow the link if you would like to learn about Nacimientos tradition in Guatemala.

Above you can see a tiny Nacimiento de barro (baked clay Nativity scene) I found below a cheesy Christmas tree at the veterinarian’s office in La Antigua Guatemala. Once again, this photograph was possible through the support of a tiny tripod donated by Carolyn from Modley, Minnesota.

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