YO-YO: The Inauguration

YO-YO: The Inauguration

This is what the inauguration of the YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos the photo exhibit looked like inside the Sala Marco Augusto Quiroa of Paseo de los Museos in the Hotel-Museo Casa Santo Domingo in La Antigua Guatemala.

Much of cream of the cream of the Guatemalan cultural scene was there to check out the photo exhibit and the magnificent catalog. As you can see in the picture above, the inauguration was very successful as well.

I hope you have enjoyed this mini series documenting one of the most important cultural activities and exhibit to hit La Antigua Guatemala in recent times.

As I have said it before, I try to document life as I see it in LAG and its surrounding villages and communities. It is not my intention to create yet another touristic site about La Antigua Guatemala, nor to create a site for any particular group or interest. Those who have followed the photo stream and captions for a while will know that I do this on my own precarious time; stealing time from my family and friends; many times sacrificing my own sleep and rest time so I can put up a photo per day. I receive NO grant money from anybody. Except for some donations towards the hosting bills and some donated books, a tripod and a battery charger from the Amazon Wish List, I have NOT received economic incentive or reward from this activity which I have done for 647 consecutive days, with over 680 posts and over 800 photographs. On average, the LAGDP takes a couple hours from my day… from my life.

I do hope that you appreciate my efforts to give you a very honest and very biased window view into the life of La Antigua Guatemala. I do hope you appreciate the part of my life which has been spent to create this body of images and information. I am in no obligation to continue, especially if my efforts go unappreciated.

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