Valentine’s Day in La Antigua Guatemala

Feliz Dí­a del K-riño en La Antigua Guatemala

It is because of people like Fernando or Fernanda that the rest of us get into trouble for not showing all of our love at once. I mean what kind of nerve to plaster the whole portón (doorway) with thousands of Post-it notes with love messages. 😉

Valentine’s Day in Guatemala is known as El Dí­a del Cariño. Cariño and caress share the same etymology and it means affection. The Day of Affection would be a close translation for El Dí­a del Cariño, thus it is much more than Valentine’s Day because it is the day to show your affection, love and appreciation to your co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, and of course, your girlfriend or girlfriend; whatever the case may be.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Guatemala by giving ‘normally‘ flowers, chocolates, cards and whatever your creativity allows to show you affections. There are many gift exchanges among your peers in workplaces, schools and with your own family. February 14th is a great day to be in La Antigua Guatemala, don’t you think so?

If you were in La Antigua Guatemala, how would you celebrate El Dí­a del Cariño?

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