On the Way Back from the Maize Mill

On the Way Back from the Maize Mill

Before what we know today as Guatemala vanishes into the fragile realm of memory, I am glad I can take some mementos to help me remember once I become yet another winter sleeper.

I know it is very difficult to love or even understand this tiny banana republic, full of contrasts and contradictions. I know, it makes no sense to mourn it, to lament all the stuff that is being lost as I type this sentence. I know.

Cazuza was right: Time doesn’t stop! (O Tempo Não Pára)

I came across this 7-minute video tour about Guatemala. I would like to share it with you. Below the video, there is a fragment of Luis Cardoza y Aragón’s poem Why do we lover our land?!

We don’t love our land because of its great size and power,
because of its weakness or tiny size,
because of its snow and white nights or its solar rain,
We love it, simply because is ours.
— Luis Cardoza y Aragón (fragment from the entry Why Do We Love Our Land?

I dedicate this video and poem to Sompopo, who, one day, will find the means to visit this land.

I hope you guys and gals enjoy them and let me know your feelings about them.

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