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If I started a series about the NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) headquartered in La Antigua Guatemala, one per day, I could probably go a full year without repeating once. Once I called this town the NGOs Capital of the World.

This is what I grabbed from the web site:

The goal of Niños de Guatemala is to contribute to a better future for Guatemala and its population. The NGO (Non Governmental Organization) Niños de Guatemala (NDG) was founded in 2006 to initiate and support small-scale education projects for Guatemalan children. In starting these projects, community involvement is crucial.

The first project by NDG will be to build an elementary school in the community of Ciudad Vieja. From summer until autumn 2008 construction of the school building will take place. Per 1 January 2009 the classes in school will start. Naturally, the school is operated by local staff and within set time limits (latest in 2013) the school will be entirely self-sufficient and financially independent.

Later this month, I will try to make some time to visit this project and others to do a week-long series. Stay tune!

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