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Organic Textured Wall and Window with Three Heads Figures

A Typical Vista from Our Times

Antigua Guatemala is so photogenic that even under quarantine, lockdown and curfew still looks amazing, don’t you agree? Here’s one of favorite …

Textured Red Wall with a Window by Rudy Giron

Textured Red Wall with a Window

If you have followed the daily updates of AntiguaDailyPhoto for a while you would know that here we only served rich saturated …

Perspective Is Everything!

Yes, perspective is everything! If you don’t believe me compare the Tea Partiers and the Occupy Wall Street movement, since both share …

Garden Under The Rain

Here’s a rainy season vista from A Room With A View. Believe it or not, La Antigua Guatemala always shows its most …

Let Me Out!

I would also want out with such a gorgeous day. This beautiful dog was so peaceful and enjoying the breeze that it …

Amantes a La Antigua

Do you believe this couple will also record their names interlocked inside a heart as proof their present love?

A Room With A View

Don’t we all would love to have a room with a view? Even though this is not my daily view, I can’t …

A Room With A Window

Arched windows are quite common in La Antigua Guatemala; I am sure I have shown you one arched window before, but I …

Dining at Doña Luisa Xicotencatl

Here’s another vista which conveys the mellow and relaxing atmosphere of La Antigua Guatemala. This image was taken at Doña Luisa Xicotencatl …

Casa Antigüeña: The Bedroom

We are just about done with the Casa Antigüeña series. Here you can see the master bedroom which basically has two large …

There Goes 2008

That’s it. As the sun sets today we will be waving goodbye to 2008. I want to take this opportunity to thank …

Niños de Guatemala Sign

If I started a series about the NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations) headquartered in La Antigua Guatemala, one per day, I could probably …

The Remains of Holy Week

Well, it seems like the color purple will be with us for a while longer. The flowers above are known colloquially as …

YO-YO: The Sign

This is the welcoming display sign that you can find in the hallway that connects the underground parking lot and the Hotel-Museo Casa Santo Domingo in La Antigua Guatemala. Although, there is no reference element in the picture to give you an idea of the size of the sign, I can tell you is very big; the red background of the display must be about 3 meters by 2 meters (9 feet by 6 feet).

YO-YO: The Catalog

YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos exhibit received so many accolades and magnificent reviews by the critics that it prompted Carlos Woods, owner of the gallery, and his curatorial team to pump even more oxygen by bringing the photo exhibition to one of the most important venues in La Antigua Guatemala and to create a catalog to record the fist YO-YO. This impressively beautiful catalog is printed on an European paper size (24 cm. x 36.5 cm or 9.5 in. x 14.5 in) and was designed by Paola Beverini. This is the second catalog that is put out by the Carlos Woods Gallery, but the first that will be on sale. I recommend its purchase as soon as it hits the shelves.

YO-YO: Two yo-yos

The YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos (portraits and self-portraits) takes its playful name in the fact that in Spanish the YO means I. So yo-yo means I and I which was the premise for this photographic exhibit where participants were asked to show their other I side.

The YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos exhibit has a wide array of portraits and self-portraits of many key players in the Guatemalan culture scene. Participants were asked to submit a portrait or self-portrait as they envisioned themselves or another facet of their personality they would like to show.

YO-YO: The yo-yos

Under the name of YO-YO: retratos y autoretratos (portraits and self-portraits) the Carlos Woods Gallery is presenting its very successful photography exhibit in the Sala Marco Augusto Quiroa of Paseo de los Museos in the Hotel-Museo Casa Santo Domingo in La Antigua Guatemala.

The photo of the hanging yo-yos above is part of one of the teaser window displays to make you go visit the exhibit inside the Marco Augusto Quiroa gallery in Hotel-Museo Casa Santo Domingo. You can find this yo-yos window display in the hallway that connects the underground parking lot and the hotel.

Poinsettias and Pine Needle are Christmas Decorations in Guatemala

Manolo and Carmen were reminiscing just the other day about the smells associated with the Christmas season in Guatemala. Pine needles have a very peculiar smell and indeed its smell its burnt in the Guatemalan collective memory of Christmas and birthdays parties. Flor de Pascua or poinsettias are a visual cue of the upcoming Christmas as well. Shops know this and they use pine needle and poinsettias among other Christmas decorations to reel in the customers; it seems to be working just fine in this shop.

First Christmas Signs of 2007

Poinsettias or Flor de Pascua are in full bloom in The Land of the Eternal Spring for the Christmas season. Commercial decorations are beginning to show up in shops and restaurants. Soon enough we will have the Burning of the Devil celebrations, Nacimientos, Posadas and everything else that comes with the Christmas season. Soon, even the trees will dress for the holidays.

In Search of the La Naranja Pelada

The first time I ever heard about La Naranja Pelada (The Peeled Orange) was at Inner Diablog, a blog published from London but filled with hindsight and hard-to-find information about Guatemala. On top of all, Guy writes so eloquently that it is a pleasure to read his entries. Honest, this blog and his writing is an inspiration for me. Check it out!

In the area around Antigua the best ceviches are to be found in a small seafood restaurant on a backstreet of Jocotenango called La Naranja Pelada. The dining room is wood-panelled and decorated with specimens of local ‘game’ such as snakes, turtles and armadilloes. (source: Inner Diablog)