Doña Gavi Store Wallpaper 2

Doña Gavi Store Wallpaper 2

I could spend a good hour photographing all aspects of La Tienda de Doña Gavi and perhaps bring you a series… but I won’t; I promise I will only post two more wallpapers. Today’s wallpaper, like yesterday’s, is take from the broken up wall at Doña Gavi Store. You can download the 1200×900 wallpaper from here.

If you read the entry Natural Paint Texture, you can find out the reasons for the textured-walls you see often around Antigua.

What’s up Rudy, what’s with all the yellows and reds in your photos lately?

At the closing of the inauguration parade for the Beijing 2008 Olympics, the behemoth Chinese delegation wore a yellow-and-red uniform and by the time all of them entered the stadium, they had encircled all other delegations with the colors of passion and fortune. So there, have a little passion and fortune in your life (or in your computer, at least)! 😉

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