Play it with Pride (Part III)

Beat the Drums

Boy, is this kid so cute or what? And photogenic too!

He move around, from left to right and back, withot removing his gaze on me while playing the drums and the turtle shells, as trying to give me his best angle. I was delighted.

If you see them next time you come to La Antigua Guatemala, make sure you buy one of their compaq discs; they are fabulous.

I named this photo Beat the drums as my tribute to an African film by the name of Beat the Drum. This film is about a little kid name Musa who is orphaned after a mysterious illness strikes his village in KwaZulu Natal. To help his grandmother, Musa sets out for Johannesburg with his father’s last gift, a tribal drum, in search of work and his uncle. The journey confronts him with the stark realities of urban life, but his indomitable spirit never wavers; he returns with a truth and understanding his elders have failed to grasp. (Source: IMDB).

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