New Tile On the Antigua Blocks

New Tile On the Antigua Blocks

With the new administration at La Antigua Guatemala’s City Hall, there have come new regulations and orderliness on the streets of this colonial town. Well, they are trying; I am not sure the Antigüeños are ready to change their 500-year-old ways, you know.

The little tile embedded on the sidewalk depicting a motorcycle is there to mark the motorcycle parking areas, along with a painted white stripe. The painted red stripe means no parking (well, it’s a suggestion according to drivers around Antigua). The unpainted sidewalks are vehicle parking areas. If you travel back in time to June 24th, 2007 you can find a tiny blue-and-white tile marking even sidewalks under the La Antigua Guatemala Without Barriers project.

Behind the Scenes Aside: Okay, a little over sharing for you or let’s just call it behind the scenes. The story behind the last three pictures is that while I was taking a photo of the motorcycle parking area tile above, I raised my head and saw and old man watching an approaching young tourist with shorts and sandals. A quick hand movement allowed me to capture the passing story line. You’re my accomplices now; you know.

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