Alameda Santa Lucí­a Sign

Alameda Santa Lucí­a Sign

Believe it or not what you call the Santa Lucí­a Street is the biggest controversy on this 6-block-long avenue. See, most people call it Calzada Santa Lucí­a; calzada is one of the Spanish words for paved avenue/street. Those who know and pay attention to the signage, would tell you there are no calzadas anywhere in La Antigua Guatemala. You should call it Alameda Santa Lucí­a; alameda being the Spanish word for a tree-lined street/throughway.

This controversy has gotten so big that spilled out of the 6-block avenue onto the rest of La Antigua Guatemala. Most cheap and poorly researched maps would have Alameda Santa Lucí­a as a Calzada.

Honest the whole thing is mute since most people in La Antigua do understand what you mean when you say Calzada/Alameda Santa Lucí­a. It’s the poor tourists who become confused with the maps pointing towards the calzada (or worst the abbreviation calz.) Santa Lucí­a. There is a second photo below that you can click on to get an enlargement of the tree-lined throughway as exhibit two.

So, you the jury, having heard the arguments and viewed the evidence for calzada vs. alameda, what is your verdict?

Alameda Santa Lucí­a Sign and Street

DICCIONARIO DE LA LENGUA ESPAÑOLA aside: Spanish speakers are lucky to have the ultimate and authoritative reference in the form of a dictionary known as DICCIONARIO DE LA LENGUA ESPAÑOLA – Vigésima segunda edición. Also, it is the fortunate fact that this dictionary is available online at as I am sure most people have never seen a printed copy in their entire lives (I know I haven’t, I do have however the Diccionario panhispánico de dudas, which is also available online). But, there is always room to improve on these great resources and some people did by making a quick query into the database-backed dictionary by entering a quick URL+word-being-searched. Here are two examples to make this resource clear: to find the definition for Alameda and for Calzada. In other words, you enter RAE2.ES/WORD-I-AM-LOOKING-FOR to get a fast definition pulled from the DICCIONARIO DE LA LENGUA ESPAÑOLA – Vigésima segunda edición. There you have it, don’t ever say I do not share this geeky stuff with you. 😉

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