The Computer Enters the Guatemalan Market

The Computer Enters the Guatemalan Market

There’s no coming back. I was surprise to see a computer being used among all the fresh produce in the mercado (market) of La Antigua Guatemala. Sure, Lucky, my favorite vendor, supplies fresh fruits and vegetable to many restaurants around Antigua, but I was startled to see the computer in there.

I think for now they are using the computer for inventory and accounting. But I am sure, soon they will discover that if they attach a little nebulous thing called The Internet to it, they will be able to receive orders from all those restaurant via email. Afterwards, they might even call me to set up a semantically-structured, web-standards complaint, search-engine-optimized web site to fulfill their online orders. What if Lucky decides finally to tie the databased-backend inventory with the incoming online orders to create a just-in-time supply of the freshest vegetables and fruits. Wow, I am telling you, there’s no coming back. 😉

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