Chicken Bus Chronicles: The Groceries

Chicken Bus Chronicles: The Groceries

Sometimes things are so obvious that one doesn’t mull over them; that’s the way things are and you accept it.

While taking the shot of this basket with the day’s groceries bought at the market, a simple fact became crystal clear. I thought well this basket looks kind of heavy, I am glad to know that the owner only had to walk a few steps from the market to the chicken bus terminal. And just like that I came to realized why the chicken bus terminals are always located adjacent to the markets in Guatemala; La Antigua Guatemala being no exception.

That’s what I call a “Duh moment”. I am afraid to say I have many duh moments as I rediscover the culture of Guatemala through the lens of the camera.

Spanish word of the day: Canasta is the Spanish word for basket. I am glad to report that most canastas used for groceries or for carrying the heavy pots with atoles are still made from natural fibers.

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