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Guatemalan Chicken Bus Kitsch by Rudy Girón

Guatemalan Chicken Bus Kitsch

I am truly convinced that Guatemalans can not do anything in a mild, neutral, gray manner. Guatemala is a country of extremes …

Guatemalan Style School Bus by Rudy Giron

Guatemalan Style School Bus

In Guatemala, nothing can be plain and simple, not the public transit system buses nor the school buses. Here’s a very good …

Chicken Bus and the Driver’s Assistant

Guate, Guate, Guate… vamos vaciooossss!

That is what you hear the chicken bus driver’s helper yell out as the omnibus makes its way back into Guatemala City. But there are all kinds of yellings: Antigua, Antigua, Chimal, Chimal, Chichi, Chichi, Xela, Xela and so on.

Guate, Guate, Guate… vamos vaciooossss! Guatemala, Guatemala, Guatemala, we are empty is what the driver’s ayudante (helper) would yell out if they are full, like this.