Colorful Public Social Transit Bus

Colorful Public Social Transit Bus by Rudy Girón

These colorful public transit buses are just another way Guatemalans recycle the junk from the U.S. and Canada. Of course, we live in a colorful culture where women wear the Spring on the blouses and rich saturated colors are the norm, so it comes as no surprise that take the boring yellow school buses and make then uniquely Guatemalan. Of course that’s not the only modification that these buses undergo, the engine, transmission, suspension, breaks, seats and interior are replaced and improved.

Well, old and retired school buses from the U.S. get to live a real second life as camionetas (the street name for public transit buses in Guatemala). Revue Magazine published an in-depth article about The Birth of a Camioneta which detailed step-by-step how an old retired school bus became a powerful camioneta ready for the curvy roads of the mountain ranges of Guatemala.

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