New Year, New Ride and The #RealGuatemala

Rudy Giron: &emdash; Chicken Bus Climbing a Hill Very Fast

Okay everyone, let start 2014 with new goals for AntiguaDailyPhoto, more series, more people, more #RealGuatemala [let’s create a hashtag and category for it], more raw images, more in depth and researched entries. Nevertherless, I will try to do less landscapes, less signs, less food unless it is real authentic Guatemalan cuisine; I honestly will try to go for shorter captions.

As I have mentioned it a few weeks ago, I will cease the daily updates. That does not mean I will close down AntiguaDailyPhoto, except, there will not be the pressure of a new entry each day. In other words, I might publish a new material 7 days a week or several times per week. Thus, I recommend you subscribe to get updates via email so you don’t miss the new content when it becomes available. The email signup form is right on top of the sidebar, below the search form. You can also write to me in case you want me to add your email to the mailing list.

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