A Weekend At the Ruins With the Family

A Weekend At the Ruins With the Family

Many Guatemalan families take advantage of the peaceful and tranquil atmosphere surrounding the church, convent and monastery ruins around La Antigua Guatemala to spend some quality time with the family. The best things in life are free or nearly free as Claudia said it, “… simple times, simple pleasures, family, friends, nature… ” feel her heart with nostalgia.

Don’t get me wrong, you need money to live or to try to survive in Guatemala, as in the rest of the world, but in general, it seems that people in Guatemala live happier lives, with much less money and amenities than people in the U.S.A.; that’s my slight appreciation of two societies I have been lucky to live in most of my life.

What’s your opinion or what have you observed in your trips to the land of the eternal Spring?

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