Setting the Stage for Festival de Cultura Paiz

Setting the Stage for Festival de Cultura Paiz

Oh February, what a magnificent month to visit La Antigua Guatemala. First, you get to enjoy the Dí­a del Cariño y Amistad celebrations; heck if you’re lucky you may come across a house plastered with I LOVE YOU post-it notes on Valentine’s Day. You can buy cascarones (colorful egg shells filled with confetti) to celebrate Carnival on Tuesday, right before Miércoles de cenizas (Ash Wednesday). You can walk around to see the first Lent decorations to get you in the Holy Week spirit.

If you come to La Antigua Guatemala in February, you also get a chance to check out all the wonderful cultural events of the X Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz (X Paiz International Cultural Festival) which turns La Antigua Guatemala into a giant backdrop.

The Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz will run between February 6 through the 22, 2009. You can check out the calendar of events {ñ} to see a listing of the different artistic activities, venues and costs of the events. Some activities will be free. Below the introductory text to the calendar of events:

El X Festival Internacional de Cultura Paiz se presenta con un dinamismo de propuestas artí­sticas clásicas y contemporáneas con la participación de destacados exponentes nacionales e internacionales. Esta es una oportunidad de asistir a espectáculos de ópera, tango, teatro, música, tí­teres y canto, con un programa especialmente formulado para disfrutarse con la familia y amigos, en la majestuosidad de las ruinas de La Antigua Guatemala.

The X Paiz International Festival of Culture will be presenting dynamic artistic proposals, both classic and contemporary, from renown exponents with national and international trajectory. This is a great opportunity to experience opera, tango, theater, musical, puppets and singing shows; with an especially thought-out program to be enjoyed with family and friends in the enchanting and majestic ruins of La Antigua Guatemala.

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