Valentine’s Day in La Antigua Guatemala

Feliz Dí­a del K-riño en La Antigua Guatemala

It is because of people like Fernando or Fernanda that the rest of us get into trouble for not showing all of our love at once. I mean what kind of nerve to plaster the whole portón (doorway) with thousands of Post-it notes with love messages. 😉

Valentine’s Day in Guatemala is known as El Dí­a del Cariño. Cariño and caress share the same etymology and it means affection. The Day of Affection would be a close translation for El Dí­a del Cariño, thus it is much more than Valentine’s Day because it is the day to show your affection, love and appreciation to your co-workers, neighbors, friends, family, and of course, your girlfriend or wife; whatever the case may be.

Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Guatemala by giving ‘normally‘ flowers, chocolates, cards and whatever your creativity allows to show you affections. There are many gift exchanges among your peers in workplaces, schools and with your own family. February 14th is a great day to be in La Antigua Guatemala, don’t you think so?

If you were in La Antigua Guatemala, how would you celebrate El Dí­a del Cariño?

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  • Pues this is a good example of what they call the “post-it” generation. It is actually not clear if Fer is the signature or the person this very public display of affection is dedicated to. Hopefully their love is not like the post-it notes: brief, squared, simple, quick, and sticks for just enough time. (Sorry for my cynicism).
    Anyhow, it would be “lovely” to be in LAG any day of the year. Feliz Día del Cariño!

  • I think this is lovely. Nothing like wearing your heart on your sleeve or your doorway as the case may be. I love this photo.

  • Wow. I think that is very romantic!!!! Something like this does take effort, even if it is just a post-it. LOTS of post-its add up.

  • sompopo

    I show love and affection to my wife everyday so this day is no different. 🙂

  • Very sweet… what a great idea 😉

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  • Claudia

    I know it’s so cliche, but my boyfriend and I don’t exchange anything because we do things for each other all through the year. I get my daughter and niece and nephew a little something, but as far as grown ups – those I care about know it. But since your question is if I was in La Antigua how would I celebrate it? HMMM, I could get in trouble for that one as I have someone very very dear to me in LAG. 😉 I plead the 5th.

  • As we all are well aware, there is much commercialization to this holiday (as to many more), but I like the picture. I wonder if all the post-it notes have different messages? If I were in LAG with E, hmmm, there’s lots of places…but a sunrise at Cerro de la Cruz is a start– although I’m told that’s not a good idea now. By the way, I appreciate Manolo’s remark. I don’t think it’s necessarily cynical as it is tongue-in-cheek…or are those two related? No matter.I still appreciate it. 😀

  • Carmen, I don’t know if you know this, but if you click on the picture above, you’re taken to 200% enlargement where you can see more details. Try it with the Fernando or Fernanda link above.

  • Rudy: Thanks. (Insert embarrassed smiley here) I know this, but I must be on weekend mode. Talking about size, I have one of your pictures as wallpaper on my laptopa (the one from January, 13, 2007). I like it, it makes me think I am back in LAG somewhat.

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  • Emee214

    I was there last year with my wonderful husbandand it is my birthday! It was a beautiful experience because he is from Guatemala. Unfortunately he is still there and sadly I am ibm the states this year thanks to immigration. I would give almost anything to be there again this year.

    • You know my wife also celebrates her birthday on the 14th of February. My best wishes for a prompt reunion with your husband and hopefully immigration will not keep you apart for long.

  • I had dinner at one of the greatest restaurants with a romantic atmosphere- Sobremesa. It was very nice to see many women walking around with flowers in their hand & I was even given a rose from the owner, Alex. He was giving every lady in the restaurant a rose.