Casa Antigüeña: The Kitchen

Casa Antigüeña: The Kitchen

The kitchen area in the casa antigüeña usually has a high ceiling provided by cupola which in most cases served as chimney, but in most recent times and design is simply a decorative architectonic element. You normally find arches inside the house, the kitchen being no exception. The counter is usually cover with ceramic tiles and, of course, you will find real authentic wood kitchen cabinets.

Disclaimer: All the photos in the Casa Antigüeña series were taken at very new construction, perhaps a couple of years old, designed by professional architects and with a liberal combination of architectonic elements taken from the original house from La Antigua Guatemala. The series itself is trying to show exactly how a set or combination of architectonic elements can turn a fairly new and modern construction into the look-and-feel of the original casa antigüeña. The houses in La Antigua Guatemala are all different, but you can pull together many elements that make them similar and quite possibly unique as a whole. So, please, don’t waste any time thinking about this particular house; rather, think on the distinctive architectonic elements.

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