Framing Balconies…

Framing Balconies...

La Antigua Guatemala, LAG, draws a large part of its identity from its grid rows of picture-perfect edifices that line the calles and avenidas. Even the briefest of blurbs about LAG do not fail to mention the city’s charming colonial architecture. But, it’s not just the ornate doors, sculpted entryways and varied splashes of color on the outside that make such architecture so inviting. It’s also what lies beyond the anterior walls: lush courtyards of exotic flowers and plants that creep around a central fountain and crawl along the walls and surrounding balconies. One ADP reader, Hilda, described such architectural flair as her ideal: “This is how I’ve always envisioned my dream house! A courtyard in the middle of rooms with open corridors. Lovely!”

Hilda, I must divulge that we share the same dream. And, the exciting thing is, this enticing style is not only abundant in LAG, it’s a part of what defines the city. Personally, I am absolutely enthralled with the idea that you can be at home, in your home, and still be surrounded by plants bursting forth with various hues of the color of life. I am enchanted with the idea that you can look up and see an open sky saturated with the color of freedom. And should the sky darken from the gray clouds of a mounting storm, I am eager to to find a perch at the edge of the courtyard and watch heavy drops splatter upon the flowers and plants. I am eager to breathe in the comforting smell of fresh rain. I am eager to listen to the sky rumble and watch the lightening streak in flashes quicker than I can blink.

By the way, Rudy: there are two balconies framed within an arch. Has that been done yet? 😉

text and photo by Laura McNamara

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