Independence Day: Patriotic Fire Marathon

Patriotic Fire Marathon

So, what kind activities are done in Guatemala to celebrate Independence Day?

Most people in Guatemala often say that Guatemalans are not very “patriotic” and immediately mention how patriotic the Mexicans really are: “that’s really patriotism!” Having said that, you can begin to see the first glances of Independence Day activities back in July, or earlier, with student bands practices (#1). Of course, there is plenty of Independence Day bunting everywhere since the first days of September and a lot of street vendors selling flags in all shades of blue, even though only one blue is the official (#2). One week before September 15, there are student parades from pre-primary to high school on the streets of every town in the country (#3). Don’t forget the marathons with their patriotic torches(#4). In every school, government building and town’s main plaza there are Pledges of Alliance to the Flag, although here we call it Juramiento a la bandera, and the singing of Guatemala’s National Anthem recitals; check out last year’s Libre al viento tu hermosa bandera to read Guatemala’s National Anthem in English (#5). In some towns, there are enactments of the Signing of Independence Act (#6). On September 15th, at 6 p.m. all over main squares and central parks of Guatemala there is a civic act known as La arriada de la bandera, Haul down of the flag (#7). There are, of course, speeches remembering the signing of the Independence Act and how many years has been thus far (188) since 1821 (#8). Last but not least, the burning of firecracker bombs, firecrackers and fireworks, which may include Torito firecracker burnings (#9). I am certain that I am forgetting something. Please, feel free to tell me what I missed in the comments.

That’s what Guatemalans, who are not very “patriotic”, do to celebrate their Independence Day. So, do you still consider Guatemalans as unpatriotic?

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