Guatemalan Coffee Trivia

Double latté cup of Guatemalan Coffee

Here are some random facts, bits and trivia about Guatemalan coffee I have been collecting for a while:

  • The average price for high quality coffee in Guatemala is Q45/$5.50 per pound.
  • The average price of Q45/lb for high quality Guatemalan coffee is about 70% of a day’s minimum wage
  • Guatemala has several high altitude regions that produce high quality coffee; the best knowns regions are Antigua, Atitlán, Cobán and Huehuetenango.
  • Huehuetenango is the region in Guatemala is breaking new records of how much a pound of coffee should sell for.
  • Finca El Injerto, in Huehuetenango, won the Coffee Cup of Excellence in 2009.
  • Coffee was introduced around 1875 in Guatemala , to replace the cochineal dyes industry which succumbed to synthetic dyes of the industrial revolution.
  • Finca Filadelfia in La Antigua Guatemala was among the first coffee plantations in Guatemala.
  • Fernando, from Fernando’s Kaffee, pays over $2 per pound of coffee to be roasted to the coffee farmer, which is higher than the Fair Trade price. He even coins a new term: SmarTrade.
  • Small-production Guatemalan coffee growers can’t make ends meet, according to a post from AntiguaDailyPhoto’s guest contributor Laura McNamara.

There are plenty more facts and trivia about the Guatemalan Coffee for sure. Please, spill your coffee beans facts and trivia in the comment section. We want to know!

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