Guatemalan Fresh Fruit Plastic Bags

Fresh fruit from a street vendor

What are the aspects that make up identity and idiosyncrasy? What makes Guatemalans almost anywhere in the planet salivate at the sight of a plastic bag with sliced fresh citric fruits? Really drool if they see the lime juice, ground pepitoria (dried squash seeds) and chile powder? What nostalgic fibers and long-gone forgotten memories are awaken at the simple vista of green mangos, sliced pineapple and oranges? What makes us go crazy and wild over fresh fruit bags? How deep are these particular traits rooted in the Guatemalan unconsciousness?

Certainly, there are fresh fruits all over the world? Please help me understand the following random reactions:

Just looking at the picture makes my mouth water. As I close my eyes I imagine paying for the mango and taking the bag from the little girl. I imagined walking to a nice shady spot and sitting down with my green mango in a bag, shaking the bag to mix all the ingredients and picking the biggest hearty piece and placing in my mouth. Mmmm, mmm, mmm Yummy. When all the green mango pieces are gone….time to grab the bag by one of it’s corners and slurp up all the juice. Can’t let any of it go to waste. —MO

…it looks so good it’s making my mouth water…I can almost taste it. Best snack in the whole world – especially on a sunny day. —Raquel

…there is something to the flavor of mangos bought on the street. Maybe it is the plastic bag… or simply the fact that these vendors are the experts. —Ale

…this took me back to my childhood in Retalhuleu. My sister and I didn’t have much money but we’d find a “choca” (a quarter) once in a while and we’d get a green mango with all the great fixes! —Leslie

… so in the event that I am one of the biggest fans of Green Mango since I was a very young child, I will take this picture as mine as well… —Monica

I know I would react exactly the same way if I was shown a picture like the above. Worst, I would come back to look at it several times through the day! ;-(

Last, but not least, what’s the deal with these clear plastic bags in Guatemala? These bags are used for sodas, licuados, fruits, candy, et cetera. What’s up with that?

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