Guatemalan Dessert: Empanadas de Leche

Guatemalan Dessert: Empanadas de Leche

Because today is a holiday in Guatemala (read the aside below), we are going to skip all the controversial stuff and just have Empanadas de leche as dessert, postre in Spanish. It was a little over year ago that Lucía requested “photos of some ‘empanadas de leche’ (las que tienen manjar adentro), pleaseeeeyyyy?”

See, sometimes I take a little while to get to your requests, but I always fulfill your petitions. My to-do list of photos and information to publish in AntiguaDailyPhoto is quite long, but I eventually get stuff off the list like today.

Perhaps, some of you will be kind enough to provide a recipe for Empanadas de leche; how about it Erin and other cooking lovers out there?

Día de la Revolución Holiday Aside:

Today, October 20, is observed as Día de la Revolución (Revolution’s Day) and everybody gets the day off. Well, almost everybody, I will be working. 🙁

Do you want to know more about Día de la Revolución holiday? Read this Political Aside.

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