How to make Guatemalan Chicharrones

Making Chicharrones, Chicharrines and Carnitas

I was explained by these chicharroneros how they make their chicharrones, chicharrines, carnitas and costilla. First buy the best quality pork skin, meat and ribs. Cut all of it into fist-size pieces. Let all the meat marinate over night with salts and spices in the refrigerator. Next day, set the fire and pour chicharrones into the caserola grande, large frying pot. Constantly stir the meats so they don’t stick to the pot. The chicharrones and carnitas are normally cooked in about 30 minutes, but we keep it on the frying pot for another 15 to 30 minutes so it gets a golden color and a toasty texture. The same applies for chicharrones, chicharrines, carnitas and costilla (ribs). Normally, 25 lbs. of meat turns into 15 lbs. of final chicharrones and carnitas. The pound of Guatemalan chicharrones sells for Q50

Bon appetite!

Guatemalan Cuisine: Carnitas Making Chicharrones and Carnitas,

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