Dancing Shadow at Las Capuchinas Ruins

Dancing Shadow of DJ Bradelectro

The night of Friday, November 6, was the successful inauguration of the first exhibit of the Club Fotográfico de Antigua. There were a large number people interested in seeing the photographic work of the club members which in only 4 months have amassed a large quantity of imagery.

There are close to 80 images hanging from the cloister walls of Convento Las Capachuchinas showing emotive portraits of elderly people and working children, macro shots of flowers, captivating images of happiness and freedom, and, of course, literal and allegorical pictures of ruins and churches.

The evening’s spectacular and eclectic soundtrack was spun by virtuoso DJ BradElectro, who also lent his dancing shadow for today’s entry.

If you’re or will be in La Antigua Guatemala for the next three weeks, don’t miss the chance to stop by Convento Las Capuchinas ruins to check out and support an local charity through the purchase the photographs hanging at the cloister.

First Photo Exhibit of Club Fotográfico de Antigua DJ BradElectro spining the tunes

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