Pruning the Gravileas Trees Again

Pruning the Gravileas Trees Revisited

Exactly two years ago I shared with you the biannual procedure of pruning the gravileas trees to keep a balance between shade and sun for the coffee bushes. This is what I told you then:

There is nothing like rain water to make all the flora grow and in Guatemala we have a very copious rainy season that begins in May and ends in October. During the rainy season all the plants acquire a lush green dress and grow very rapidly. Thus, right before the rainy season begins, many gardens, farms and coffee plantations undergo a pruning process.

In the photo above, you can see the gravileas trees, the shadow trees for the coffee plantations around La Antigua Guatemala, being pruned.

Trimming the Gravileas Trees Pruning the Shadow Trees Trimming the Branches

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