An Old Automobile for An Old Town

An Old Automobile for An Old Town

The weekend is the perfect time to catch the classic automobiles in La Antigua Guatemala. You can catch classic automobiles near churches and hotels because they are used for weddings and other celebrations, including quinceañeras.

In the picture above, I captured two classic German automobiles; where is the second one and what color and brand name is it?

Update: Here’s the a rear view of the classic Mercedes Benz 300 from 1955.

Back of An Old Automobile for An Old Town

Update 2: Okay, finally I have some time to share with you the theme song for the white cucarachita or escarabajo, the nickname in Guatemalan Spanish for the VW Beetle. I hope you enjoy it. For those who want to try it in their next Karaoke session, follow the white rabbit! 🙂

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