Guatemalan Cuisine: Ensalada de Verduras

Guatemalan Cuisine: Ensalada de Verduras by Rudy Girón

Contrary to popular belief, Guatemalans do have a large selection of salads in their gastronomy palette, including, of course, one of the most ingredient-rich and colorful salads in the planet, the world-famous Fiambre. If you don’t believe me, take a look at the Fiambre slideshow.

Ejotes (green beans), pimientos (bell peppers), arbejas (green peas), repollo (cabbage), and onions are often used in the Guatemalan salads along with typical herbs yerba buena, mint, parsely and cilantro. Often, many of the vegetables are prepared in escabeche (pickled) before incorporating them.

So, the Guatemalan gastronomy is not just Amerindian curries, rice and beans as some misinformed foreigners have declared. 🙁

Stay tune for a few more Guatemalan salads in the upcoming days.

What’s your favorite Guatemalan salad?

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