The Ages of Coffee

Coffee Berries from Guatemala + Red by Rudy Girón

In this photograph I try to captured the different ages or stages of the coffee berries. Since we are showing the different ages of coffee I thought I should share with you the information about the different premium coffees from Guatemala.

According to Anacafé, Guatemalan National Coffee Association, there are eight distinct strictly hard bean quality coffees in Guatemala.

8 Regional Coffees

Since the early 1990s, we have led a pioneering effort to define the country’s coffee-producing regions based of geographic, climatic, and coffee characteristics and cup profiles.

As a result, eight distinct regions producing Strictly Hard Bean (SHB) quality coffees within defined microclimates have been identified, awarding coffee enthusiast with eight specialty coffees with unique characteristics. (source: Guatemalan Coffees/Anacafé)

The eight coffee regions are: Acatenango Valley, Antigua Coffee ®, Traditional Atitlán, Rainforest Cobán, Fraijanes Plateau, Highland Huehue, New Oriente and Volcanic San Marcos. As always, follow the white rabbit (the links) to learn the specifics of the premium coffees of Guatemala.

How many Guatemalan regional coffees have you tried?

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