Perpetuating A Nation

Perpetuating A Nation

Guatemalans are not known for being patriotic; yeah Guatever! Nevertheless, we do have our patriotic symbols like El Quetzal, our most beautiful emerald resplendent bird; La Monja Blanca, Guatemala’s national flower— a rare orchid; La Ceiba, Guatemala’s national tree —majestic and sacred portals to Xibalbá; The Flag; The National Anthem; Los Próceres, the leaders of Guatemala’s Independence Movement; The Marimba, et cetera. A long list which I will tackle in the next few days.

Today’s photos captured a quiet moment while some kids were reading and learning about the patriotic symbols that perpetuate a nation. Below, there is a video that shows the opposite: frenetic youthful energy. For better or worse, that’s how we are, conservative and peaceful most of the time, but we know how to party when the opportunity arises.

Our very dear friend Kara from HablaGuate published this wonderful video of a marching band rehearsal in preparation for the Independence Day festivities on September 14 and 15. Interesting enough I drove by almost at the same time, but I was rushing and I could not stop to take a picture or record a video clip. I am so glad Kara did. This is what she wrote on her personal blog NewMaya in her post Dancing to the music before Independence Day.

The marching bands are all over La Antigua (thumping incessantly near your house even) this week in preparation for Guatemala and the Central American States’ Independence Day on September 15, 2010. There’s a frenetic youthful energy that is hard to encapsulate into one moment, but I’m sure this one does a good job:

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