Hotel Neon Sign in Antigua Guatemala

Hotel Neon Sign

In La Antigua Guatemala you get so used to certain things, or rather the absence of certain things. For instance, only when we go to Guatemala City I realized how visually contaminated other cities are in comparison to Antigua Guatemala. I am talking about billboards and ugly signage everywhere in just about any major city in Guatemala. Neon signs are another thing I have grown unaccustomed to while living in La Antigua Guatemala. So, tonight while driving back home I had to stop to document the first neon sign I have encountered in Antigua Guatemala.

As Manolo said to me before, the chaos and visual noise provided by the millions of signs, billboards, banners, flag signage with their vibrant-strong-in-your-face colors and messages can have an enormous impact on your stress levels to the point that you want to puke. I agree with him totally.

I wonder how long it will take for the City government or Preservation council to take down this sign. La Antigua Guatemala has a strict signage regulation code, as I have reported before.. Make a guess and I will come back with the answer as soon as I see the sign go down.

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