Sign Crazy

Sign Crazy

Last month I shared with you La Antigua Guatemala Sign Ordinances. I will again post the information below to keep fresh. One thing I forgot to mention last month is the fact that only “ONE” sign is allowed per business or institution.

How many signs do you see in the picture above?

Here’s a little summary of what the PDF documents below describe at length:

Lineamientos para obtener Licencia de Rótulos
Lineamientos para obtener Licencia de Rótulos
The sign can be any of this three dimensions 0.70m x 0.70m square, .50m x 1m rectangle and .25m x 2m rectangle. The sign can only include any two of the following materials: wood, metal, ceramic tiles, bronze and forged metal. Three is the maximum limit of colors that can be used; with a matte finish. The business sign can only have a logo and name of business and nothing more. The sign must be in Spanish and following the grammatical rules set forth by the Real Academia de la Lengua Española; text in other languages can be included as long as it’s set at a much lower size and must include at least French and English. The typography (font) should be roman typeface (up and lower case) and can not be a modern-looking font. Synthetic materials and glass are forbidden.

No advertising signs and/or billboards can be placed within 4 kilometers on the road coming from Guatemala City; anywhere on the roads between La Antigua Guatemala and Alotenango, Santa María de Jesús and San Luis las Carretas (road to Chimaltenango).

Here are the three PDF documents which are required to obtain a sign license:

  • Lineamientos para obtener Licencia de Rótulos — Sign License Requirements (PDF download at CNPAG)
  • Reglamento para la colocación de rótulos o letreros — Sign Placement Ordinance (PDF download at CNPAG)
  • Solicitud de Licencia de Rótulo — Sign License Application (PDF download at CNPAG)

The La Antigua Guatemala sign ordinances were enacted on March 23, 1973. All existing signs were given 12 months to comply with the new sign ordinances.

Guatemalan Film Trailers Aside: Once again, we continue showing trailers of Guatemalan films and short films. These trailers are for Un día de Sol, which was recently filmed Guatemala by Códice Cinema and directed by Rafael Tres. If you would like to see the photos behind the scenes and the making of, follow the white rabbit.

Algunas imágenes de la película Un día de Sol grabada en Guatemala en el 2009. Cast – Ana Lucia Martinez, Giuliana Vettorazzi, Alexandra Wever, Johann Boy, Sammy Morales, Amabilia Alvarez, Vera Mansilla y Tatiana Palomo. Película ha estrenarse a principios del 2010. —Rafael Tres

Some images from the film Un día de Sol, filmed in Guatemala in 2009. Cast: Ana Lucia Martinez, Giuliana Vettorazzi, Alexandra Wever, Johann Boy, Sammy Morales, Amabilia Alvarez, Vera Mansilla y Tatiana Palomo. Un día de Sol will be released in the first quarter of 2010. —Rafael Tres

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  • Hmm, I wonder why there are no other comments, ;O) About the signs, well, there are simply rules to keep Antigua as it is. I wonder if some fast food restaurants had any attempts to change them, ;O)

    On the trailers, coooooooool!!!!!!!!!! GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Woah, wait- “Roman” as in serif’d type or Roman as in not oblique, bold, heavy, etc? And no “modern-looking” fonts? Modern as in Helvetica or modern as in the Gotham?

    While we’re talking type, can anybody tell me why Papyrus has such a strangle-hold on this country?! Makes me think of sketchy new age bookstores that specialize in holistic colon-cleansing services in the back room.

    Anyway I think all signage in LAG should be hand-painted Blackletter, rendered by a one-armed 70 year-old-man with a crazy Biblical name and a huge mustache that covers his upper lip. But what do I know about typography…

  • jade

    Estas mismas reglas se debieran seguir en todo el pais! Todos los pueblos estan empapelados con rotulos! 🙁

    • Ojalá así fuera Jade. 🙁