Wedding Catchers

Wedding Photography in Antigua Guatemala by Rudy Girón

I know, I know, it’s easy to think of photographers as the wedding crushers, but no, these ARE the wedding catchers since they capture every single moment from such an important event. Besides, these are my friends Iván Castro (dark shirt) and El Guie (t-shirt) doing their BBC photography work. BBC is what we photographers in Guatemala refer to as Bodas (weddings), Bautismos (baptisms) and Cumpleaños (birthdays) photography, which is by the way, the best way to make a living in the photography industry in this country.

I was glad to run into them at Frank’s beauty salon and to have a fun conversation and to catch up with their lives. Iván had just returned from a 50,000-kilometer trip through South America. Iván and I are funding members of FlickrGuatemala, a group that unites over 2,100 photographers in love with Guatemala.

Wedding Photography in Antigua Guatemala 2 Wedding Photography in Antigua Guatemala 1 by Rudy Girón

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