Scenes From The Upcoming Film “Polvo”

Scenes from the film Polvo: Burning Chicken Bus by  Rudy Girón

There’s never a dull moment in La Antigua Guatemala.

Let me explain.

The other day as I am driving back home, I stop because I heard a commotion, similar to a riot, except I knew it was not real because I saw the telescopic mic way up high. Also, there were police and firemen on the scene just hanging out. It was obvious they were filming a movie. Without even thinking about, I opened my camera bag and began taking some shots.

After all, I am like Pancho Villa, “shoot first and ask questions later!” with regards to my photography style.

Only later, I asked what film was it, “se llama Polvo” I was told. Is Julio Hernández here, I asked, since I knew from a long while the name of the director. I have included references and samples of Julio Hernández Cordón’s film in AntiguaDailyPhoto. The Gasolina Aside was the first time I promoted his films here. Next was Las marimbas del infierno film aside. Polvo will be Julio Hernández Cordón third mayor film.

While they were setting up the scene above, I chatted with Julio, the director, Fernanda, the executive producer and Joaquín, an acquaintance who’s involved with this film and many other recent films. Joaquín is also responsible the cameo appearances of Laura McNamara in several Guatemalan films. Anyway, once again I was reminded how in Guatemala we only have Two Degrees of Separation. Don’t you agree?

Last but not least, don’t ever say I don’t share with you the most exclusive stuff!

Scenes from the film Polvo: Film Clapper by  Rudy Girón Scenes from the film Polvo: Fireman 2 by  Rudy Girón Scenes from the film Polvo: María Secco by  Rudy Girón

Scenes from the film Polvo: Filming Crew by  Rudy Girón Scenes from the film Polvo: Filming by  Rudy Girón

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