Excutive Chef Mario Enrique Campollo

Mario Enrique Campollo, Chef Ejecutivo de Santo Domingo

The gourmet pizzas below are the creations of excutive chef of Santo Domingo restaurants Mario Enrique Campollo who is famous for creating international cuisine dishes combined with local ingredients. Mario Campollo began working for the Santo Domingo in 1991 as a cook when Santo Domingo was just a restaurant. As Casa Santo Domingo grew into hotel, museums and restaurant compound, so did Mario Campollo, later becoming the excutive chef. Through the years he has had the opportunity to work for short periods of time in some of the best restaurants in New York, Barcelona, San Francisco, Chicago and other major cities in Europe. He also studied in Italy and now likes the idea of teaching cooking classes.

The gourmet pizzas below were a great surprise since they were delicious, exotic and not expensive at all. As Mario shared with us, the prices at El Tenedor del Cerro restaurant are more affordable than at the restaurants inside Casa Santo Domingo. As soon as this past weekend, Mario told us, they will also begin offering a brunch buffet on the weekends at El Tenedor del Cerro.

Surrounding El Tenedor del Cerro you can also find a bar that caters just drinks to the many tables spread over the terraces, platforms they call them, where one can enjoy the magnificent views, especially in the afternoons with the sun setting behind the majestic volcanoes.

Having a delicious cup of authentic Guatemalan coffee or chocolate at sunset at terraces of Santo Domingo del Cerro is a must before leaving Guatemala. Mozas and Cabros work as well to enhance the sensory experience. You do that and you will agree with me: Life is good!

Gourmet Shrimp Pizza by  Rudy Girón Gourmet Oriental Pizza by  Rudy Girón

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