Lent Season Decorations Are Up

Lent Season Decorations 2011

Religiously, like every Ash Wednesday [miércoles de ceniza] before, La Antigua Guatemala get’s dressed up today with Lent decorations. Cuaresma is now officially underway.

What do Lent decorations really mean? In plain English, it means the Processional season 2011 is already here; have you gotten your plane tickets yet?

El Diablo no se quema film aside: Today I received an email from Julio Ro-Ariano, production director for Der Teufel brennt nicht or El Diablo no se quema, a movie filmed in Guatemala in 2010.

Like always, I like to share with you all the new Guatemalan films that are being produced in a prompt and expedite manner; don’t you agree?

The description goes something like this:

Perla, the prostitude, Juan here client and lover, and Verena, the girlfriend, are the protagonists in this story about current-day Guatemala. Coming to movie teathers soon…

More information at Der Teufel brennt nicht web site.

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