Garden Dining at Epicure

En Epicure probando la pasta con salsa cremosa de camembert by  Rudy Girón

Following the advice provided by RWOrange on Dining in the Garden from a few days ago, I decided to pay a visit to Epicure since it’s been a while since my last visit. Also, what better way to continue the dining in the garden series than having lunch in the lush garden in the back of Epicure. Click the thumbnails below to get an idea of how exuberant the garden really is.

I had Epicure’s al dente pasta with a Camembert creamy sauce. It was simply delicious.

As far as I know, Epicure is the only place in La Antigua Guatemala where one can have British-style fish and chips, including the malt vinegar. Do you know of any other place in Antigua Guatemala where fish and chips is available?

Garden Dining at Epicure 2 by  Rudy Girón Garden Dining at Epicure by  Rudy Girón

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