Water Matters

Water Matters by Rudy Girón

Water matters to a lot a people. Now I understand the importance of awareness campaigns like World Water Day, which we discussed here about a month ago.

This was a town hall meeting to discuss the contaminated water that is being served by the Municipality. It was and interesting and weird meeting. I believe the people were called to assembled by the City Hall government in order to let know that the Public Health Ministry was going to shut down their water reservoir. Interesting enough, the Health Ministry officials were there to explain why they were going to close the water reservoir and distribution system. They said it is their obligation to shut down water distribution systems when the water is contaminated and this is particular water reservoir is contaminated and they were asking the people to demand chlorination of the water in order to receive purified water from the Antigua Guatemala municipal government. The people did not trust the intentions of neither the Municipality nor Health Ministry. People were enraged at the possibility of losing their tap water. You see, water matters.

Here’s the water series published before to clarify the water situation in Guatemala. As always, follow the white rabbit to the water series to see the photos and read the researched information.

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What kind water issues are there where you live?

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