Enchiltepado Breakfast

Enchiltepado Breakfast from Posada de Don Rodrigo by Rudy Girón

Recently I had the opportunity to have breakfast at the restaurant inside Posada de Don Rodrigo. I ordered the Enchiltepado typical breakfast which comes with two eggs prepared your way, a sirloin steak (underneath everything), black beans and fresh Guatemalan cheese, everything bathed with a chiltepe pepper cream. It was simple and delicious. I must do it again!

If you don’t know what chiltepe peppers are, read the post What Makes Guatemalans Hot? to find out!

Recientemente tuve la oportunidad de desayunar en el restaurante que está dentro de la Posada de Don Rodrigo, en la Calle del Arco. Ordené un desayuno Enchiltepado que viene con dos huevos al gusto con un bisteq de lomito (debajo de todo) acompañado de una deliciosa crema de chiltepe, frijoles negros y queso fresco.

Si vos no sabés que es el chile chiltepe, lee la entrada What Makes Guatemalans Hot? para enterarte.

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