Antigua Birding

Antigua Birdingg by Rudy Girón

Perhaps it is the fact that La Antigua Guatemala is surrounded by so many coffee plantations and fincas (farms) as well as protected areas that birdwatching does not require far away trips. In fact, just go to a park or restaurant with trees to be able to watch birds. The bird above was capture from the window of the Duane Carter Library, La Biblioteca as we call it, located on Portal de las Panaderas, above G&T bank, right across from Parque Central.

Of course, if you want to watch birds as well as enjoy the quiet and peace of the highland forest around Antigua Guatemala, contact Filadelfia Resort and Tours where you can do birdwatching and canopy tours as well as coffee tours. Filadelfia Resort and Tours is located in San Felipe de Jesús, a village about three kilometers from La Antigua Guatemala, but with access to protected forest land with lots of bird tweeting. 😉

By the way, does anybody know the name and species of the bird in the picture above?

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