Jardín Antigüeño: Colorful Bougainvilleas

Jardín Antigüeño: Colorful Bougainvilleas by Rudy Girón

Jardín Antigüeño is also another series that needs to be awaken. Jardín Antigüeño is a photographic tour through the most often found flowers in the gardens of La Antigua Guatemala.

La Antigua Guatemala is known as the Ciudad de las perpetuas rosas, the city of the perpetual roses. Well, surely you can find roses everywhere in and around Antigua Guatemala; there are even rose farms near La Antigua that grow roses for exportation to the U.S. and Canada.

However, I believe the name should actually be Ciudad de las perpetuas bugambileas or the City of the perpetual bougainvilleas as these flowers can be found everywhere in Antigua Guatemala at any given time. Bougainvilleas are really perpetual flowers and an integral part of the jardín antigüeño, Antigua garden. Bugambileas, as they are known in Spanish, go by scientific name of Bougainvillea glabra and belong to the Nyctaginaceae family. Bougainvilleas can be found in red, violet, purple, fuchsia, red, orange, gold, yellow, pink, white, burgandy, terra cotta, kite red, and in light and dark shades of many of the aforementioned colors.

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