Where are the blue skies?

Where are the blue skies? by Rudy Girón

Normally you could see a couple volcanoes in the background and deep blue skies above the tree canopy. Yes, we demand our gorgeous blue skies and weather back. Do you know where our temperate eternal Spring has gone?

Ephemiredes Aside: On June 30 is observed the Día del Ejército (Army Day holiday) in Guatemala, and on July 1 the Día del empleado bancario (Guatemalan Banker’s holiday); which really all it amounts to is that the banks will be closed for two days. However, new holiday laws that were enacted last year which move holidays that fall in the middle of the week to Monday or Friday so that Guatemalans can have long weekend and perhaps do some traveling within the country. For that reason, INGUAT launched a “Internal Tourism Campaigns” a couple of weeks. In other words, Día del Ejército holiday will be tomorrow. Most banks will be closed on Friday and Monday.

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