Book Fair at Main Plaza

Book Fair at Main Plaza by Rudy Girón

As every year, there’s a book fair as part of the festivities of Santiago, Saint James, La Antigua Guatemala’s patron saint. As you might already know, Santiago de Guatemala was the former name of La Antigua Guatemala and thus Saint James has been the patron since the funding of the city in July 25, 1524 first at Tecpán, then 1527 in Ciudad Vieja and 1541 in what we call today Antigua Guatemala.

So the actual date for the Saint James patron day is the July 25, but the activities begin about three to four weeks earlier and normally go beyond a week after the 25th. This week, for instance, the book fair stands were set up at Parque Central.

If you’re looking for good offers on Guatemalan books in Spanish and English this is your chance. Also, Guatemala’s International Book Fair, FILGUA, is also happening this week in Guatemala City.

Tomorrow will be the world famous half marathon Las Rosas. Follow the white rabbit to see images and information from the Half Marathon Las Rosas from last year.

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