Half Marathon Las Rosas 2011

Half Marathon Las Rosas 2011 by Lester Marroquín

The Sunday prior to July 25 (Saint James Day) is the date for the Medio Maratón Las Rosas and in 2011 that was today. Once again, my dear friend Nelo provided the background information and photos which I believe were taken with his camera by a friend of his. Anyway, one thing I haven’t mentioned in previous years is that the half marathon Las Rosas is a running party. Looking at the video and photos from last year and the photos from year, I noticed the big smiles and the happy atmosphere all around this event. Just look at the smiling faces below!

According to Nelo, this year the running route was modified because there were complains that the half marathon was not 21 kilometers exactly. Nelo created a GPS track and his result was 20.98 km. As soon as he uploads the GPS track, I will link to it from here. The old man on the first picture below is over 75 years old and even though he runs slow, he always finishes his races. To me that’s the most important goal of a marathon.

photos by Lester Marroquín

The starting line from Medio Maratón Las Rosas 2010

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