Theme Day: Postcard-worthy Panoramic Vista

Finca Filadelfia Panoramic

Just yesterday, Zach was asking what is your favorite viewing spot of the Antigua Guatemala area? Well, I don’t have just one. Obviously I like the views from Cerro de la Cruz, Finca Filadelfia and Santo Domingo del Cerro. Nevertheless, I finding the views from the road that takes you to El Hato village quite refreshing and unique. Today’s panoramic vista of Finca Filadelfia for instance even took by surprise the general manager of Finca Filadelfia who jokingly said I must have taken it from the air.

Anyway, once again AntiguaDailyPhoto is participating in the monthly theme day organized by the Daily Photo community which has decided to have as theme for August 1, postcard-worthy images. I believe this panoramic vista of Finca Filadelfia, a renown coffee plantation located on the outskirts of Antigua Guatemala is postcard-worthy, don’t you agree?

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