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Coffee and Cupolas by Rudy Girón

Coffee and Cupolas

If you live in or around Antigua Guatemala you get used to coffee farms, coffee lots and coffee orchards and cupolas very …

Stairway to Coffee Heaven

This staircase leads to coffee heaven, also known as the tostaduría, the roasting room. Or maybe not. I guess you will have …


It’s so easy to take interesting photographs around La Antigua Guatemala; you just have to walk with your eyes wide open. For …

House Inside Coffee Plantation

Besides the Canopy Zip Lines tours you can find at Finca Filadelfia, in Antigua Guatemala, there are all kinds of activities to …

Time to harvest the coffee in La Antigua Guatemala

So what makes La Antigua Guatemala the best coffee in the world? To get the best cup of coffee of the world, one must start with the right altitude; somewhere above 1,500 meters above the sea level; add lots of fertile volcanic soil; mix in plenty of rain (about six months); stable temperate weather (about 75˚ F / 25˚ C); once you have the above, make sure you plant the best possible Arabica coffee.

Coffee Harvest Time in Guatemala

Yesterday’s photo was a close-up of the coffee bush in the lower left corner of today’s photo. If you click on the image above you can the coffee bushes (the small trees) being harvested under the shadows of the Gravilea trees in San Pedro Las Huertas, La Antigua Guatemala. Around La Antigua Guatemala you can find coffee bushes everywhere, including as part of the hedges of La Compañí­a de Jesús ruins.