Salads and Vegetarian Food in Antigua Guatemala

Green salad from Sabe Rico in La Antigua Guatemala by Rudy A. Girón

It’s been a while since I posted something in the Vegetarian category. I can honestly say that nowadays it is easier to be a vegetarian and dine out in La Antigua Guatemala. There are many restaurants that cater for the meat-free crowd. Sometimes it is only a few dishes like a miso soup or vegetarian roll at Ubi’s; other times it’s a whole section in the menu like in Sabe Rico where the photo of this delicious and fulfilling salad was taken.

The “green” salad pictured above has an assortment of deluxe organically grown lettuces, cherry tomatoes, watermelon dices, sliced olives, sesame and roasted pumpkin seeds. I recommend you give it a try even if you’re not vegetarian, you won’t miss the meat with such a rich and flavorful salad. I promise!

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