First Glimpses of the Dry Season

First Glimpses of the Dry Season

Believe it or not, in Antigua Guatemala we can sense the dry season is approaching. Take the picture above for instance, it was taken after we had some rain. In my Diarios del Móvil (Mobile Dairy) I commented that I can smell the end of the rainy season in Antigua Guatemala and some people in Facebook began asking how do I know.

Well, I believe that one important factor are the winds blowing from the north which are cold and have a different smell. The winds I believe push the clouds away and clean the sky line. Another important detail is the position of Earth around the Sun which makes for a magical light that makes everything even more enchanting. That’s how we know.

If you have never visited Antigua Guatemala during the dry season (November through April) you’re missing out the best of what Antigua Guatemala. If I was you, I would start looking for inexpensive flight tickets right away. 😉

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